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Olababy GentleBottle has captured Ms Monie Tung’s heart! 多謝靚靚媽咪董敏莉對Olababy GentleBottle 輕柔夢幻矽膠奶瓶的喜愛!

The candy-like colour and the multi-purpose of Olababy have captured the heart of Ms Monie Tung! Olababy GentleBottle 輕柔夢幻矽膠奶瓶糖果般的顏色加上多用途的實用性,連靚靚媽咪董敏莉都喜愛!


Congratulations to famous Yoga instructor Coffee Lam! 恭喜知名瑜伽老師 Coffee 林芊妤小姐添男寶寶!

There is a new member in Ms Coffee Lam's family, Baby Chak! We have prepared an Olababy hamper with all our popular products including Olababy GentleBottle, Trimmo Electric Baby Nail Trimmer and more to celebrate the occasion. Coffee, who supports breastfeeding, shared some breastfeeding tips with her fans - using the pretty and breastfeeding-friendly Olababy GentleBottle! 知名瑜伽老師 Coffee 林芊妤小姐家中添了新成員:Baby Chak!我們送上了 Olababy 禮物籃,裡面包括 Olababy GentleBottle 輕柔夢幻矽膠奶瓶、Trimmo 電動嬰兒磨甲器等,支持母乳餵哺的 Coffee 老師近日與粉絲分享餵母乳心得時選用了既漂亮震又母乳友善的 GentleBottle 輕柔夢幻矽膠奶瓶!


Baby Time Hong Kong @ HKTV Mall is Live!
Baby Time Hong Kong @ HKTV Mall 正式啟用!

From Ztore to Baby Kingdom's KMall, Baby Time's products are now available at HKTV Mall! Our popular brands Olababy, Woombie, Dr Mama and Haakaa are all available, another way to get high quality, cute-looking baby products and more! ❤️

繼 Ztore 士多及親子王國 Baby Kingdom KMall 之後,Baby Time @ HKTV Mall 正式啟用!跟 Ztore 同 KMall 一樣,皇牌品牌 Olababy, Woombie, Dr Mama 及 Haakaa 的貨品均有發售,大家又多一個渠道購買我們又正又靚的母嬰產品 ❤️


Sander Hong Kong Limited (parent company of Baby Time) has become Sole Distributor for Olábaby products in Hong Kong and Macau!
Baby Time 母公司 Sander Hong Kong Limited 正式成為美國品牌 Olababy 香港及澳門地區總經銷商!

Baby Time has aimed to bring brands with high quality products to our customers, we are pleased to announce that we have become Sole Distributor of US brand Olábaby!  Often customers are not sure if products they found in the market are authentic, this is why Baby Time has always insisted to bring only genuine products to our customers.  This time we have brought to you products of the brand Olábaby , you may find list of products here!

Baby Time 一直努力搜羅不同的優質品牌貨品,我們正式成為美國品牌 Olábaby 香港及澳門地區的總經銷商!客人於市場見到不同的貨品,有時未能確認其真偽,Baby Time 堅持只賣正貨,今次為大家帶來於多國都廣受熱捧的美國品牌 Olábaby,請按此瀏覽其貨品!


Baby Time Products now available at Metropole Department Store!
Baby Time 貨品正式進駐新都城百貨!

Baby Time products are now available at Metropole Department Store at North Point!  Products of Korean brand Dr Mama, US brand Olábaby, and New Zealand brand Haakaa are currently available with more products to come!

Baby Time 貨品現於北角嘅新都城百貨亦有售 !韓國品牌 Dr Mama、美國品牌 Olababy及紐西蘭品牌 Haakaa 均有發售,將來會有更多貨品陸續登場!


Baby Time products now available at Baby Kingdom's KMall! 
Baby Time 貨品進駐親子王國 Baby Kingdom KMall! 

Most parents are not strangers to Baby Kingdom, a place where they can exchange experiences and tips on raising children. To make it more convenient for our customers to purchase our products, Baby Time’s products are now available at Baby Kingdom KMall! Olababy, Woombie, Dr Mama and Haakaa are all available at KMall, you can chat and shop at the same time!

對於親子王國 Baby Kingdom 相信好多爸爸媽媽都不會陌生,與其他爸爸媽媽交換育兒心得後到 KMall 購物方便快捷,為了讓客人們能夠更方便地購買我們的產品,Baby Time 已經進駐 Baby Kingdom KMall!Olábaby, Woombie, Dr Mama 及 Haakaa 的產品均有發售!


Baby Time Products now available at Oasis Store!
Baby Time 貨品現於 Oasis Store 有售!

Our products are now available at Oasis Store in Wan Chai! Now not only can you order from our website or Facebook page, you can also get our products at Oasis Store. Brands include: Korean brand Dr Mama, US brand Olábaby, US brand Woombie and New Zealand brand Haakaa!

我們的貨品現可於灣仔 Oasis Store 有售!現在除可透過我們的網站及 Facebook 訂購產品外,亦可在位於灣仔的 Oasis Store 選購!品牌包括韓國品牌 Dr Mama 、美國品牌 Olábaby、美國品牌 Woombie 及紐西蘭品牌 Haakaa 。


Dr Mama Storage Bags now available at Ztore! 
Dr Mama 儲存袋系列正式登陸士多 Ztore!

Aside from our Facebook page and website, you can now order Dr Mama storage bags via Ztore!  Dr Mama Breast Milk Storage Bags, Powdered Milk Storage Bags and Baby Food Storage Bags are all available, ordering them together with other products is convenient!

除經我們的 Facebook 專頁及網站,各位現在可經士多 Ztore 購買 Dr Mama 儲存袋系列產品!無論奶袋,奶粉袋或食物袋均有發售,與其他貨品同時購買很方便!


Breastfeed for Love 媽媽愛哺乳 2017

Breastfeed for Love 2017was held on 30 July 2017.  We are so happy to be part of it and to have this opportunity to introduce our Star products Haakaa silicone pump and Dr Mama breast milk storage bags to breastfeeding mommies in Hong Kong!

媽媽愛哺乳 2017 已於 2017 年 7 月 30 日舉行,我們很高興能參與,並有機會介紹我們的星級產品 Haakaa 矽膠吸乳器及 Dr Mama 母乳儲存袋給餵哺母乳的香港媽媽們!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Recommended by Chris Wang
宥勝爸爸推薦 Haakaa 矽膠吸奶器 

Chris Wang, the famous Taiwanese actor and a new daddy, has highly recommended Haakaa Silicone Pump and describing it as "Gift from God" for all breastfeeding moms.  Baby Time cannot agree more! 
著名的台灣藝人兼新任爸爸王宥勝強烈推薦 Haakaa 矽膠吸奶器,並稱之為"哺乳媽媽的神器",我們絕對同意!


Congratulations on the new baby boy to IP Chui-chui, our Miss Hong Kong! 

Baby prince of Chui-chui, Winner of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2005 and the hottest beauty KOL in Hong Kong, has just arrived!  We have specially prepared this Haakaa hamper including all the star Haakaa products for this lovely prince.
2005年香港小姐冠軍,香港美容界 KOL 葉翠翠剛添男寶寶!我們特意為可愛的小王子準備了這個 Haakaa 禮物籃,裡面有Haakaa 的星級產品。